Foldaway toilet for increased comfort in a compact bathroom

How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Maximising space in a small bathroom is critical, with every inch at a premium. It can be like a game of Tetris, just trying to make everything fit. Often, the challenge is trying to make everything work efficiently and comfortably in everyday use.

When planning a compact bathroom, the desire is to make the bathroom feel as spacious as possible whilst maximising quality and reliability. We use our bathroom several times a day, so making a small bathroom feel bigger can give that sense of comfort we are looking for.

But how do you fit everything in and make sure you still have enough space to move around and use the space easily?  

What if you could hide away part of the bathroom when it wasn’t in use?

Think about it. 

In the rest of the house, when many pieces of furniture aren’t being used, they are ‘put’ away. A chair at the kitchen table is pushed under. A sofa bed is folded away. A nest of side tables in the sitting room are stacked away. We do this to make the space feel bigger, tidier and easier to use. We have the same amount of space, but we make the most of it.

Imagine being able to do this with your bathroom.  

With Hidealoo, you can do exactly that. We have designed and created a unique, patented, foldaway toilet that can be used in small bathrooms. With Hidealoo, a small bathroom can become easier to use and feel bigger. 

How can Hidealoo help open up space in a bathroom?

Hidealoo‘s clever design allows the toilet to be folded away when it’s not in use. This allows you to free up part of the floor space. When folded away there is less space taken up where a standard toilet would be. Yes, the toilet pan folds to one side where often you’d have a basin or vanity unit. But, you won’t lose that basin as it can either be mounted on top of the cabinet or sunk in, above the folded away pan. 

You don’t lose vanity storage space either, as the vanity top creates a worktop you would not otherwise have. If storage is a premium, then you’d also be looking at shelves or a wall cabinet. Well, putting that above the Hidealoo is easier to reach when the toilet is folded away than above a standard toilet. And, I’m sure we’ve all had that dreaded moment of dropping something from a cabinet into the toilet, that would be a thing of the past with Hidealoo. 

With one of the designers being the world-renowned Sebastian Conran, great expertise has been invested in the design. Whether the Hidealoo is folded away or left out, we can ensure it looks great. So, you can optimise the space, create greater flexibility and still have a beautiful designer bathroom with technology that will make it feel bigger.