Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find all the information required to answer the questions you may have.

General questions

Hidealoo is a steel frame bracket to support a standard wall hung WC pan (equivalent to any ‘wall hung WC frame’), which additionally allows you to swivel the pan through 90º to hide it inside a wall or cupboard when not required.

Hidealoo is only available through our online shop, but we deliver all around the world via DHL. If your location is not listed in our online shop as a delivery location it means we need DHL to confirm the cost. In that case, please contact us so that we can confirm the delivery cost and load it onto our shop for you to then place your order.

It was designed by Monty Ravenscroft and Sebastian Conran.

It’s made in Britain.

Rather than rigid flushing pipes, the Hidealoo incorporates specially designed flexing pipes. The flexible piping has been fully flexed over 250,000 times, but also subjected to water and air pressure testing at a level 32 times, [yes, thirty-two times], its normal working pressure – just to make sure we never get a mishap in the home.

You can install your unit in a cabinet or behind a cavity wall in the case of a room such as a wetroom. It can be installed where you would install any normal toilet, however the cabinet offers more usable worktop and the ability to create more space in the room.

You can use any standard, off-the-shelf wall hung ceramic pan and wall hung flush cistern, but best to use pans of around 520mm long or less to keep space use to a minimum.

Technical product info

The unit weighs approximately 23kg.

When viewed from the front (in the stowed position) the Hidealoo mechanism is 500 mm wide, 420 mm deep and 580 mm high.

The pan input (flush) pipe is a UK standard 44mm diameter from a 50mm cistern output, whilst the output (waste) pipe is a UK standard 110mm. For side exit an additional LS01 bracket is needed from Hidealoo. For floor exit a 90º f/m 110mm bend is needed from a plumbers merchant.

This will be the standard pipe input for the cistern you choose to buy – best to be a side input and NOT a bottom input, although the latter can fit if set at a slight angle on the support feet.

The Hidealoo ‘flexible’ piping is a specially developed and very robust system, derived from the marine and medical industry, hence, even after 250,000 test cycles, they still worked perfectly.

Not only has the flexible piping been fully flexed over 250,000 times, but also been subjected to water and air pressure testing at a level 32 times, [yes, thirty-two times], its normal working pressure – just to make sure we never get a mishap in the home.

There is no ‘pressure’ on the wastewater systems, so even a failed pipe will not ‘burst’ like a freshwater pipe.

The Hidealoo is made out of powder-coated steel and the pipes are made from a strong, flexible polymer.

The Hidealoo comes in one colour: Anthracite Grey – RAL 7016.

Your unit should last decades of normal use. The swivel action has been tested on a full flexing cycle 250,000 times to ensure durability.

We recommend a maximum 250kg load, but the unit has been tested to 400kg without breakage.

Please see the template drawings, showing pipe centres and overall dimensions.

Thanks to its strong, flexible pipework, the Hidealoo can be flushed in any position.

Hidealoo has been tested to relevant British standards for load (400kg) and water pressure. In addition, the unit has been tested on a movement rig through 250,000 flexing cycles to ensure its durability.

Not only has the flexible piping been fully flexed over 250,000 times, but also been subjected to water and air pressure testing at a level 32 times, [yes, thirty-two times], its normal working pressure – just to make sure we never get a mishap in the home.

However, if there is ever a flexible pipe failure, it will be a crack, which in turn will allow a few drops of moisture to escape, which will be easily seen on the floor when cleaning. There is no ‘pressure’ on the wastewater systems, so even a failed pipe will not ‘burst’ like a freshwater pipe, it will simply weep a tiny amount after each flush until changed – which can be done in 10 minutes by a DIY person.


No. However, installation can be done by any professional plumber or a competent DIY-er.

If you are not installing the unit yourself, we recommend using a trusted plumber or kitchen fitter.

Please get in contact via email at and we’ll be in touch.

You can install the Hidealoo using basic hand tools as per the installation manual. If fixing to masonry/concrete an SDS drill with a 12mm masonry bit and a spirit level. If securing to timber, then normal wood drill bits will be fine.

You should be able to install the Hidealoo if you have competent DIY skills and the ability to use an IKEA-style installation manual which will be supplied with the unit.

If your waste pipe and cold water supply pipes are already in place, then installation should take about 2-3 hours.

Drill holes in the brick wall using the provided template as a guide, then insert wall plug anchors or resin fix anchors. Once the Hidealoo is in place, insert fixings (with washers) through the holes, and fasten securely. You can refer to the Installation Manual.

If the stud wall is under construction, then add a 600 mm wide timber support at the height at which you want to hang the pan, before adding the plasterboard. Once the plasterboard is in place, offer up the Hidealoo and use coach screws to hold it in place.

No, but if you would like to use an existing standard wall hung pan frame set into a stud wall, this is also possible. The two protruding studs normally used to mount the wall hung pan will also fit directly into the back of the Hidealoo framing, securing it in place.

As above: the two pan mounting studs on the frame will fit into the slots on the Hidealoo swivel system.

It is best to first mount the Hidealoo to a secure floor and wall according to the installation instructions, and then build the cabinet around the unit, following the suggested cabinet template dimensions if more bespoke dimensions are not required for your particular installation.

Please download the Installation Manual and Cabinet Minimum Dimensions Manual in order to demonstrate the installation requirements.

Yes, it will fit any standard wall hung pan with fixing bolt centres of 180 mm or 220 mm. We do, however, recommend that you install as short a pan as possible in order to save space. This generally means around 520mm of pan length. If you use a longer pan, you will need to ensure the cabinet is of sufficient width to accommodate the longer pan.

Any wall-mounted or concealed cistern will work, though if you want to keep the worktop as low as possible get the size around 300mm tall or less. The connection for the flush water output pipe needs to be 50mm in diameter.

Any seat can be fitted, as long as the cabinet around it has sufficient clearance.


Every installation is different and so you can design your own cabinet to suit your own requirements and décor. We have set out the minimum cabinet dimension and design requirements in this Manual.

If you fit the smallest size of pan and flush cistern(300mm tall), then the cabinet can be approximately 1150mm wide, 450mm deep and 900mm tall.

This choice is entirely yours! Bear in mind that whichever material you use, it is likely to occasionally get damp when you wash your bathroom. Moisture resistant MDF can be a great option and is readily painted to any finish you prefer. We also recommend getting a cabinet with a hard-wearing, fully water-resistant worktop.

There are in fact two doors, one small and one large, in order to allow the pan to open across the width of the cabinet. Please download our detailed cabinet dimensions manual.
The smaller door is 500mm high and 406mm wide, whilst the larger door is 500mm high and 645mm wide.

The small door should ideally be fixed to the cabinet frame with concealed self-closing hinges such as those in kitchen cabinets. The larger door is secured with six screws into the Hidealoo door support bracket and is clearly detailed in the Installation Manual.

The Hidealoo unit is initially set for the pan to swing to the right (as you look towards the retracted unit), which means the main door will do the same. However, it is possible to reverse the Hidealoo and if that is required this should be done before you build all the cabinet elements. Reversing the action should take about 30 minutes, as per the installation instructions.

It depends on the cabinet. If the cabinet is free-standing and of rugged construction, the Hidealoo can be fixed inside it through the cabinet materials and into the floor beneath and the wall behind. However, if the cabinet is being built around the Hidealoo unit after it has been installed and plumbed in, we suggest that the base of the cabinet is fitted first. This will ensure that the feet of the Hidealoo sit on top of the cabinet base so as to make cleaning easier.

Currently, we only sell the Hidealoo unit on its own. However, we plan to offer units in the future which are ready-built into a cabinet.

The cistern can rest on top of the Hidealoo frame, and/or fix to the wall or the back of the cabinet. See installation manual.

What comes in the box?

The Hidealoo frame with already fitted waste flush pipe and lock stay systems.

A printed instruction manual is supplied, which can also be viewed online.

A printed cabinet template guide is supplied which can also be viewed online.

Mechanical items to install Hidealoo are supplied which include a white plastic (acetal) spacer plate and a template to help mark up the installation holes.

A warranty document is supplied which can also be viewed online.

The standard configuration for the waste pipe output is for rear exit. However, it is possible to convert the Hidealoo to a side exit or a floor exit configuration, as per the template guides. A single additional 110 mm f/m 90º corner pipe is required for the floor exit. An additional LS01 bracket is needed from Hidealoo for the side exit. An example of such is available [LINK].

Product care

Yes, all exposed parts are either zinc plated steel, or are protected by powder coating finishes, so can be cleaned.

If your Hidealoo unit leaks, the best thing to do is to call a plumber. If the unit is out of its warranty, you may need to replace some parts. All the key parts are standard parts for any wall hung WC system, except for the flexible waste pipe. This pipe can be ordered as a replacement part and fitted in around 10 minutes. They are unlikely to fail, however, having been tested in excess of 250,000 flexing cycles.

Please email if part of your product arrives broken or missing.

Please check with a plumber, and then contact us if further specialist help is required.


We accept debit and credit cards via our online shop.

UK orders should be received within 48 hours, if we have it in stock. International orders will take between 3 to 10 working days, depending on your location. If we don’t have it in stock, it will take approximately 6-8 weeks.

You will be sent a tracking number which you will be able to follow through the courier’s app.

We will email you an order confirmation, as well as a shipping confirmation.

You can make changes to your order as long as we haven’t shipped the unit.

Not for the moment.

We do not currently offer this service. Please contact us if this is something you would be interested in.

If you are considering a bulk order please contact us and options can be discussed.

You may return your order, as with any goods sold under the consumer rights act. In order to do so, it must be in a saleable condition (unused, and in its original packaging). See our Terms for further details.


You can change your delivery address prior to shipping, if the order has not already been processed. Please contact us.

You can change your delivery date prior to shipping if your order has not already been processed. Please contact us.

It may be possible to specify morning or afternoon delivery for an additional fee. Please contact us to check.

UK delivery normally takes 48 hours (working days) from processing the order at our handling house. International orders will take 3 to 10 working days and depend on your location.

We do not currently offer this service.

You will receive an email specifying delivery details.

Your product may be delivered when you’re not in, so long as you arrange this beforehand with an alternative recipient.

The courier will re-try delivery once more, before returning the product to Hidealoo.

The cost of delivery will vary by location and for international orders vary depending on custom tariffs. The delivery cost will be detailed at checkout.

If your delivery is late, please contact the courier via the tracking system.

Returns and refunds

If you change your mind and no longer want to install a Hidealoo please contact us and inform us of your requirements. Unwanted items should be returned to our depot unused, and in their original, undamaged packaging. Please request a refund within 14 days after receiving your item and send the item back to us as quickly as possible. Postage will be at your cost.

If you are returning your unit because it is faulty, please contact us so we can organise to repair or replace your product and help you with return. You may also request a refund within 30 days of receiving your item.

Return to: Hidealoo Ltd, Oakwoods Farm, Honey Lane, Selborne, Alton, Hampshire GU34 3BS

Refunds might take up to 14 days from receipt of your return.