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epda european product design awards logo 2023

Top Design Winner 2023

kbb shortlisted innovation awards 2024 logo

kbb Innovation Award 2024

Hidealoo – the retractable toilet for small bathrooms and small spaces

Hidealoo is a ground-breaking retractable toilet mechanism. It’s a unique solution for small spaces or for discreetly creating an additional toilet in your home.

Hidealoo folds the toilet into a cabinet or cavity space to create more flexible and multi-functional spaces. In small bathrooms, shower rooms, cloakrooms and small utility rooms, space becomes easier to use and you can use that space for more than one function. You also create a worktop surface for storage that you wouldn’t get with a normal toilet and basin arrangement, and you of course hide the toilet.

Hidealoo fits in a cabinet as small as 1100mm wide, 420mm deep & 580mm high.

Hidealoo holds up to 400kg to meet standards. That’s 4 or more grown men!

Hidealoo’s flexible pipes are custom designed and precision engineered.

Hidealoo fits standard wall hung ceramic toilet pans and wall hung flush cisterns.

Why & Where

  • Small bathroom

    Need easier access and movement in a small bathroom? Hidealoo’s folding toilet mechanism creates an easier to use space and more worktop for storage.
  • Cloakroom

    Want more flexible use of your small cloakroom? Hide the toilet in a cabinet to free up space for grabbing coats and shoes while also creating a countertop.
  • Showerloo

    Is your shower room too cramped and does the loo get wet? Design a Hidealoo into the room and stand to shower where the toilet opens out to. Flexible, dual use of space and your loo will not get wet.
  • Lootility

    Do you need an extra toilet? Create a ‘lootility’ from your small utility by installing a Hidealoo. Put it under a washing machine or the countertop to optimise the use of space.
  • Bootroom lootility

    Even with a larger utility space or bootroom you can create an extra toilet for greater flexibility in a busy home.
  • Create an extra loo

    If you have a busy house, are expanding the household with multi-generational living or setting up an AirBnB, you can create an extra loo in all sorts of places, including in a wardrobe en-suite.

What our customers have to say:

“We are delighted with our Hidealoo; it’s meant we have a useful utility space but can offer our guests a stylish en-suite washroom.”

“The Hidealoo is excellent… …I’ve been showing the pics to my engineer friends and everyone is saying what a cool concept it is.”

“I really like the concept. It is a great idea that is solving a real issue… a good way to fit a ‘full’ bathroom into a small space.”


The Hidealoo mechanism is simple to install. It fits any standard wall-hung toilet pan and cistern and any off-the-shelf or bespoke cabinet more than 420mm deep and 1100mm wide. Here’s a manual for installation and here’s one for the development of a cabinet to give an idea of the minimum requirements.

It connects to standard UK and EU mains waste pipes and with simple, readily available adaptors, connects to other waste pipe diameters around the world. Any professional plumber can install a Hidealoo in just a few hours.

You can buy Hidealoo directly from our online store or contact us for more information. Check out our FAQs for quick answers to any questions you have.

Have a project?
We’ll design it for FREE

If you are planning a project, message us from this form or email us with a sketch of the room, including dimensions and plumbing points and we’ll see how and where a Hidealoo will fit to optimise the space. You can also call us to discuss your plans, we love to talk design.

Email: design@hidealoo.com
Talk: +44 (0)1420 557564