This bathroom is using an IKEA cabinet.

Any place. Any space.

The ground-breaking Hidealoo transforms small, tricky and unused spaces. Tuck it under a basin, rotate it into a wet-room wall, fold it into a wardrobe, or simply hide your loo from sight while creating more space in your bathroom.

Our retractable toilet gives you the ability and versatility to use small spaces more efficiently and innovatively. Not only does Hidealoo free up valuable space to allow easier use of a room, but it can greatly increase the worktop surface compared to a standard toilet installation.

Take a 3D tour of this small cloakroom and see how Hidealoo transforms the space when opened and closed.

Be smart with small spaces

Folding away and hiding your toilet takes space-saving to a whole new level. Hidealoo maximises space in a neat, discreet and unique way.

Every small or awkward space for a toilet installation is different. So, we supply the Hidealoo frame for you to design and install the cabinet to house it. This gives you the control to make it specific to your space, design and décor. It also means you can build it into your chosen bathroom suite with any standard wall-hung pan and cistern fitting our design.

Here’s a guide to the minimum cabinet dimensions.

Technical specification

The patented Hidealoo is precision engineered in steel, built to last a lifetime and proudly made in Britain.

It’s designed and tested to British Standards for water pressure and load, taking up to 400kg. To ensure the innovative flexible waste pipe is up to the job, we have tested opening and closing Hidealoo over 250,000 times. If used 15 times a day, that’s the equivalent of 45 years!

Opening and closing can be done with one hand, so it’s easy to use. Hidealoo pivots the pan and locks it in place for use. Unlocking is a simple movement of the door and the toilet can be flushed in any position.


Hidealoo is simple to install.

It fits any standard wall -hung pan and cistern and comes with fittings to couple to the UK standard mains waste pipe.

Any competent DIYer or professional plumber can install Hidealoo in just a few hours.

Hidealoo Brochure

This brochure shows a collection of installations and designs that have been made for a range of customers and shows ways in which we can truly transform the use of small spaces.

With Hidealoo, we offer homeowners, developers, architects, builders, interior designers and RV and boat manufacturers a brand-new device to really make a difference.