What’s in the box

Your Hidealoo is delivered by courier and you can see what’s in the box here. Inside the box will be:

  • Hidealoo steel chassis frame
  • An installation template guide to which the Hidealoo is attached for shipping
  • Instruction manual

Hidealoo installation

Installing Hidealoo is straightforward and this video gives an overview of what is required. You can also download our Installation Manual to see the step by step process in more detail, along with the range of tools needed.

Cabinet installation

As every installation is different, we are not yet supplying cabinets. This gives you total control over the type and colour of cabinet you want for your location and means you can match it to your existing décor or larger bathroom suite installation project.

Just as with any bathroom cabinet installation, your plumber will be able to do this, or you, if a competent DIYer.

The minimum dimensions of a cabinet and a guide how to make a cabinet and install Hidealoo in it can be found here.

Technical specification

Weight 23kg
Dimensions of 580mm high by 500mm wide by 420mm deep when retracted
Distance to end of pan from wall when pan is out will depend on size of pan, if a compact pan of c.540mm the total deployed length from wall would be 955mm.
Height of pan seat when attached to Hidealoo is approximately 450mm (depends on pan seat design)
Fits any standard wall hung pan and cistern
Fits any standard UK waste pipe of 110mm
Waste pipe can fit required exit direction; rear, side or down
Can be fitted to a macerator
Locks in place when open
Recommended minimum size of cabinet: 1150mm wide, 450mm deep and 900mm high (height dependent on size of cistern installed in cabinet)
Cabinet door is screwed to the Hidealoo chassis and can be opened and closed with one hand
Finished with a protective powder-coat and zinc plated lock parts, so with easy access in your designed cabinet is simple to clean.

See FAQs for further details.

Waste exit configurations

Hidealoo can be configured to work with whichever waste exit orientation your installation requires, whether it’s rear, sideways or down. It’s delivered to fit rear exit, so if you need a side exit please order a support bracket LS01 from Hidealoo to allow the conversion. If you want a downwards exit, then a standard, inexpensive, male-female 90º corner will be needed from your local plumbing merchant.

These drawings highlight the different waste exit configurations in relation to the minimum dimensions for installing a Hidealoo and the cabinet to hide your toilet.

  • Side

    waste exit

    hidealoo cabinet side waste exit retractable hidden toilet 1920 x 1080
  • Rear

    waste exit

    hidealoo cabinet rear waste exit retractable hidden toilet 1920 x 1080
  • Floor

    waste exit

    hidealoo cabinet floor waste exit retractable hidden toilet 1920 x 1080