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The driving force was to max out the usable space on the mezzanine floor within the constraints of a low sloping ceiling, whilst providing access to both sides of the bed.

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We’ve designed it to be put in the utility room; freeing up a ‘Jack-and-Jill’ bathroom so it can be used solely as an en-suite for one of the bedrooms. Complicated to explain but the Hidealoo solves all our problems!

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Cheers! It’s a great product. I’m enjoying showing it off to my neighbours… …My girlfriend says it’s a beautiful bit of engineering, and it seems a shame to hide it in a box! But she is a bit unusual, being a Cambridge PhD in Structural Engineering!

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The Hidealoo is excellent… …I’ve been showing the pics to my engineer friends and everyone is saying what a cool concept it is.

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It will be for an attic conversion with low ceilings so a standard toilet would be inaccessible if attached to the current wall therefore the Hidealoo is a perfect solution as the toilet bowl will essentially be further out from the wall.

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We are delighted with our Hidealoo; it’s meant we have a useful utility space but can offer our guests a stylish en-suite washroom. Careful attention was given to the room design, and the installation was done considerately with no mess. Highly recommend the team.

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I used the Hidealoo behind an openable shower wall to also contain the boiler and manifolds within a very neat wet-room/toilet. Not possible any other way.

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I really like the concept. It is a great idea that is solving a real issue… a good way to fit a ‘full’ bathroom into a small space.