Space-saving innovation is our driving force

Monty Ravenscroft

Monty is a world-leading designer of moving architecture and is the brainchild of Hidealoo.

Monty created one of London’s iconic houses, Peckham House, as featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. He set about designing and building a new home in a very confined space. This led him to designing and developing Hidealoo.

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Designer Sebastian Conran is a keen advocate of using design process and creative thinking to resolving all innovation challenges. His solutions based approach includes the manufacturing and purchasing process employing the thoughtful transformation of technology into satisfying user-experience.

Sebastian Conran

Sebastian is world-renowned designer who advocates using design process and creative thinking to resolve innovation challenges. With over 40 years in industrial design he has won multiple international awards.

Monty teamed up with Sebastian to bring Hidealoo to life.