Hidealoo wins European Product Design Award!

UK startup Hidealoo and its innovative foldaway toilet mechanism has been recognised with a top design award, as interest grows amongst homeowners around the world.

The company has clinched the Top Design Award in the Home (Household Products) Bathroom Sanitary Equipment category, at the 2023 European Product Design Awards, which recognise and honour the expertise of international product and industrial designers who are striving to improve daily life with their practical and well-thought-out creations.

Hidealoo’s groundbreaking steel mechanism allows the toilet pan to be swivelled through 90 degrees, allowing it to be easily concealed within a cupboard or wall recess when not in use. This addresses both the challenge of installing toilets in small and hard to fit spaces, as well as opening up new opportunities for households to increase their ‘lootilities’.

“We are honoured to be a winner in the European Product Design Awards,” commented Hidealoo’s founder and inventor, Monty Ravenscroft. “Our vision has always been to enhance everyday living through clever and thoughtful design, and it has taken more than five years of development, engineering and testing to perfect the Hidealoo.”

He continued: “There is nothing else like Hidealoo on the market and what continues to amaze us is the infinite number of ways our customers are using the frame to solve their individual needs. While around 25% of current installations are going in traditional bathrooms, the vast majority of the frames are being used to fit toilets in more unusual locations, particularly within utility rooms.”

The Hidealoo frame is manufactured in Britain and can hold up to 400kg in weight. It has been tested through 250k uses – the equivalent of being moved more than 10 times a day for 65 years.

Since launching in 2023, Hidealoo has seen interest soar amongst both trade and consumer customers. The frame can now be found in homes across the world including Singapore, Romania, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Ireland, and the USA.