How To Choose A Toilet In A Small Bathroom

When choosing a small bathroom design what do you tend to think about?

Is it how to squeeze everything in?

Is it how modern the suite is?

Or have you got other things on your mind?

With Hidealoo, the only things you may have to think about are what colour to paint the cupboard that your hideaway toilet hides away in and whether to have a your basin above or below the worktop.

There are a few other cleverly integrated small toilet designs on the market today. MySpace does a combination unit, which has the sink, toilet and cupboard in one, for the compact bathroom effect.  All on show of course and with a basin hardly big enough to wash your hands in.

While having it in one space reduces the use of space, it can’t compete with Hidealoo. Hidealoo has the advantage of completely hiding the toilet in a cupboard, so you won’t have any type of bowl on show or in the way. Hidealoo also creates much more work surface, which is so important in a small bathroom.

And what if we’re talking small cloakroom ideas? Then more coats on the coat stand and shoes on the shoe rack, plus a freer walk space.

You’ll have seen the back to wall, wall hung toilets with hidden cisterns to save space. These do have luxurious feel, well Hidealoo, the hideaway toilet, goes one step further. It hides the pan as well as the cistern. If you use flush buttons placed in the wall or cabinet you can create a wonderfully neat and sleek solution.

Another thing you may want to consider is that if it’s a very confined space, Hidealoo may be your only option.

How Do You Pick a Toilet for a Small Bathroom?

If you ask Google ‘How do you pick a toilet for a small bathroom?’ they suggest ‘Round bowls require less space, making them a good toilet for small bathrooms.

While Google will give some great options, there is nothing like Hidealoo (yes that’s what you think, Hide a Loo) on the market.  A toilet that very simply tucks away to make a thoroughly modern small bathroom, small cloakroom or in fact any space.

A hideaway toilet is a must for every small bathroom design and definitely for any small wet room design too.  No one likes a wet toilet, right?!  Well with Hidealoo you can just fold the toilet into the cavity wall housing the plumbing, or a cabinet and close the door.  It’s that simple!  Allowing you, your family and your guests to shower in a wet room without getting the toilet wet.

Hidealoo certainly deserves to be held as one of the many great British bathroom designs.  No one really wants to see a big porcelain bowl on show if they don’t have to!  Install a Hidealoo and you’ll transform your space!