Innovate space

Hidealoo can open left or right, to suit your room and all standard wall-hung pans and cisterns fit. It also plumbs into standard UK foul waste pipes or can work with a macerator.

This simplicity will give you the flexibility to innovate your space.

The downstairs toilet

There are so many places you can install a Hidealoo. For starters, how about that small downstairs toilet, the one where you also squeeze in coats, shoes and brollies.

We all know how cramped that space can be. Hidealoo, when folded away, allows you to use the room as a cloakroom, easily letting you hang a coat up, grab a pair of shoes, or in these current times, more comfortably wash your hands on returning from the shops.

The cabinet top also greatly increases the working area of the room. A standard loo and basin configuration would not give you that flexibility or ease of use. This room shown is only 1.30m x 1.65m.

small retractable toilet for a cloakroom viewed from above
small cloakroom with retractable toilet half-open

The small utility room

Increase the ‘utility’ in your utility room. Whether it’s small or large, Hidealoo will add a new dimension to the use of the room.

Plumb it into the room’s mains water and your home’s mains waste, or install a macerator. There’s no major additional requirements to integrate a Hidealoo.

It can be easily configured into the layout of the room, fitting inside the standard depth of a normal kitchen cabinet. Hidden away when not in use lets the utility room function as normal. When in need, the room turns into another loo. Perfect for a busy household, or where there isn’t a downstairs loo.

small utility room with hidden retractable space-saving toilet pan

The larger utility or boot room

Even where you have a larger utility or boot room, installing a Hidealoo really maximises the versatility of the room for a busy household. With it fitting in a standard depth of cabinet it can it can easily be incorporated. It also means there is no compromise on the work surface, which is always a premium in a utility room.

country utility room idea with retractable toilet extended
country utility room idea with retractable toilet extended in tight space

The showerloo

It’s very annoying getting the toilet wet in a small wetroom when showering. By installing Hidealoo the toilet is hidden away keeping it dry and also meaning you can configure a small wetroom far more efficiently.

The cavity wall housing the Hidealoo and plumbing for the shower only needs to be 450mm deep. As a result, not a large amount of the room is lost, but the ease of use and room functionality is greatly increased. The dimension of this showerloo is a mere 1.20m x 1.90m.

hidealoo small compact shower room with retractable space-saving toilet looking in from the door
hidealoo small compact shower room idea with retractable space-saving toilet birds-eye view

The compact bathroom

When you have a bathroom as small as this, at 1.70m x 1.90m, it’s hard to get a comfortable and functioning space. Installing Hidealoo makes the room so much easier to use, allowing space to move around and creating more work surface for putting toiletries on which you wouldn’t get with a conventional loo and basin.

small bathroom idea with hidealoo retractable toilet pan open

The wardrobe

Having access to the loo is often tricky if you have multi-generational living or are sharing a small apartment. By installing Hidealoo in your bedroom, as part of a wardrobe design, you will not only create that extra loo but add value to your property. Run mains water to the cistern and either link into the mains waste, if that’s easy with the layout of your property’s services, or install a macerator.

It fits in the standard depth of a wardrobe, so the choice of design is down to you. The door could be designed to fold out so that there’s an extended screen for privacy.

wardrobe with hidden hidealoo retractable toilet idea behind bedroom doors
wardrobe doors open with hidden hidealoo retractable toilet closed idea
wardrobe doors open with hidden hidealoo retractable toilet extended idea