How To Hide A Toilet In A Small Space

Small bathroom toilet
Small Bathroom Toilet

What is the main item that no one wants to be the star attraction in the bathroom? Yes, you guessed it — the toilet! Concealing a toilet in a small washroom or any area is exceptionally easy when you know how!

Sometimes toilets for small bathrooms or small cloakrooms just don’t have to be in full view. In this instance, the magic of Hidealoo, the hideaway toilet, is the only solution!

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. That is precisely what Monty Ravenscroft and Sebastian Conran did.  As a result, they have collaborated on their expertise and design flair and created an exclusive, patented, foldaway toilet called ‘Hidealoo’.  The loo that folds away and hides.

We are now living in an age where you can have anything you want and need! We’ve all dreamed of altering our homes to improve them. You might even have had fun designing improvements on an app or computer game? How would you create a small wet room, improve a small cloakroom toilet, convert a box room or even develop a luxurious utility area?

Well, for all those spaces you can now also think about a hideaway toilet, to make spaces so much easier to use. Hidealoo has been invented to…… hide! As a result, you can convert bathroom and toilet areas into more streamlined living spaces. As long as you can run mains water to the cistern and either link into the mains waste or install a macerator, any space can be converted – even bedrooms and utility rooms!

Even for designer compact bathrooms, with wonderful floating features or beautiful lighting, the space can still be truly enhanced by hiding the toilet away with Hidealoo.