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Smart and simple
Easy access
Beautifully discreet

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Smart and simple
Easy access
Beautifully discreet

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With numerous Hidealoo prototypes successfully on trial, full-scale production of the complete units is due for mid-2021.

We hope to have the Hidealoo® Knuckle Units ready for shipping in Q2 2021.


From the creator of one of the world’s most iconic houses (‘Peckham House’ as seen on Channel 4’s Grand Designs), this revolutionary “Retractable Toilet” pan takes bathroom space-saving to a whole new level.

Now your toilet pan can be hidden away when not in use, banish the hole, celebrate all things clean, and keep the mucky side for just when you need it. Tuck it under a wash hand basin, rotate it into a shower wall, fold it into a wardrobe, slide it under the stairs, and totally transform the unused space in your home and create your own hidden toilet.

In an age with ever improving hygiene and aesthetic design, why not also gain more space. Add facilities, de-clutter and grow value in your property.

Save money by not buying a fancy loo pan (that tries to emulate the elegance you have managed elsewhere) by just getting rid if it all together…

It’s time to make more of your home! The Hidealoo uses a Standard Wall Mounted Toilet pan (available from any plumbing suppliers etc), then just bolt to the ‘Hidealoo® Knuckle’ and conceal as you desire, or buy a full kit ready to go.

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The Hidealoo® is the brainchild of Monty Ravenscroft from Channel 4’s seminal design-and-build programme, Grand Designs.

Kevin McCloud loved Monty’s ambitious Peckham House, and it’s easy to see why. He took a tiny space where nobody saw any potential and transformed it into a modern home for him and his family.

Detail and innovation run throughout the whole property, from the front room that spreads out onto the driveway, the sliding roof over the courtyard living space, to the bath hidden under the bed – every last detail is used practically and imaginatively.

Monty’s back on Channel 4 again on “Inside Out Homes” – as an “engineering genius” bringing his unique ideas with clever design and space-saving solutions to the modern home alongside awrd winning London based Architect Zac Monro.

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