The ShowerLoo

Install a complete bathroom solution using far less space than a traditional bathroom design requires.

Showerloo Unit


Our hidden designs allow you to install a complete all-in 1 bathroom solution using far less space than a traditional bathroom design needs. In a wet room configuration, the Hidealoo® remains hidden during shower time and swings out from the wall into position when it is needed. We’ve also given the basin sink a redesign, and this pulls out from the wall when required with an inbuilt fill nozzle.

Our revolutionary designs allow you to realise the potential of smaller spaces without compromising on the aesthetic.

Check the demo video to see how it all comes together.


The Hidealoo® kit means the pan comes out from behind a closing panel, within a bespoke cabinet, or wall cavity. It connects to the mains plumbing in the same way as any other toilet and is used and flushed exactly as normal.

The void above the Hidealoo® system can be used as a cupboard for an adjoining room, a hidden heating boiler, or a nice handy towel store for the shower.

hidealoo showerloo looking through door into bathroom
hidealoo showerloo fully closed face on


We didn’t stop at the Hidealoo® and applied the principle of the hidden toilet to the basin sink.

The Hideabasin is a wash hand basin that can be housed within a drawer inside a bespoke cabinet or wall cavity and slid out when needed. It plumbs directly into your system and works, fills and drains pretty much the same as any other basin. The subtle difference is the mixer tap is on the wall, and the water enters the basin through a combined overflow/fill nozzle.

hidealoo showerloo closeup all open fully extended
hidealoo showerloo with basin and toilet extended
showerloo fully extended open forward facing
showerloo fully extended open and sideward view


An important detail in the wet room environment is keeping certain items dry! Our toilet roll holder sweeps out at the same time as the Hidealoo®, keeping it away from the water when you’re showering.

The Hidealoo® Showerloo Kit

Parts Kit ready for you to install with finishes of your own choice and application.

Showerloo Pricing

Availability from Q4 2021 – please drop us a line if you would like to register your interest in a Hidealoo system

Bespoke options will be available.

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showerloo fully extended open looking down over

Other Hidealoo Products

Hidealoo Knuckle

The Knuckle is stress-tested to handle up to 250kg in load and is fixed to the wall and/or floor via a steel frame.

As the loo pan floats ‘invisibly’ in and out of function, there is nothing on the floor to stop easy and thorough cleaning; no low slung moving parts and no mechanics to gather grime.


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technical step 4


A complete hidden away toilet and basin.
Our first design, intended to transform multiple spaces in a household.

hide a loo by maxymys


Convert an empty room or space into a loo in a matter of hours. A complete hidden away toilet. Our first design, intended to transform multiple spaces in a household.

hidealoo discretionary unit no basin with door half open v2