Hidealoo at Grand Designs Live

Hidealoo founder joins expert panel at Grand Designs Live

Architectural engineer, Monty Ravenscroft, founder of Hidealoo, was delighted to be a guest speaker at this year’s Grand Designs Live show in London.

Monty joined ‘The Future Home: Future Thinking’ panel sessions, which focused on design features that matter most as we age. Topics included how to seamlessly adapt a home to suit all ages and life stages, using clever products and design ideas created by innovative designers and inventors.

For the last 25 years, Monty has been pioneering designs for innovative moving elements in architecture. Attending Grand Designs Live saw Monty coming full circle, with the idea for Hidealoo’s foldaway toilet mechanism being inspired by his own self-build home, which featured on the Grand Designs TV show in 2005.

Having purchased a tiny plot of land in Peckham, London, Monty embarked on a remarkable journey. He designed and built his own home, which would become known as Peckham House. The iconic house captivated viewers with its quirky and innovative features, space-saving inventions and ingenious use of space.

Monty created various moving elements within the building to optimise the use of every square inch available. From moving walls and roofs to sliding glass panels, the house was a testament to Monty’s creativity and engineering prowess.

One of the most remarkable features was a sliding glass roof that opened to allow natural light to flood the interior. A sliding bed-bath also grabbed plenty of attention, being a unique response to the constraints of a tight budget and small plot.

The ‘Peckham House’ project went on to be described by presenter Kevin McCloud as ‘genius’.

Inspired by these experiences and seeking a solution for his invalid father who needed the convenience of bathroom facilities in his bedroom, yet in a discreet way that preserved his dignity, Monty developed the idea of a foldaway toilet. Spotting the broader potential for the frame, he worked closely with award-winning international designer, Sebastian Conran, to perfect its design.

Monty reflected: “Dropping back into the Grand Designs Arena is always a delight. Even more so being that I was invited there to talk about how Hidealoo and how it can help make our lives more efficient and help future proof our homes.”

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