5 Small Bathroom Designs

There are many ways to design a bathroom, so how does one go about choosing a small bathroom design, especially if you want to maximise space? In this blog we are going to talk about how to maximise your space and create a luxury feel by showing you 5 small bathroom designs.

Most people look online, look through brochures or visit showrooms and exhibitions to find small bathroom designs to suit them. It’s always best to see what you want, in person, as you can then get a feel of how your bathroom will look when it’s in place and it’s easier to work out what might or might not work in your space.

To maximise space and create a luxury feel in your small bathroom is easy when you know how!

Here are 5 small bathroom designs for you to consider.

  1.  Maximising your bathroom space will depend on the size of your suite. There are a range of smaller sized baths, showers and toilet pans which take up less space. Opting for a glass shower panel makes the room feel better. Or, you could even have no shower door for easier use in a small space.  

    White modern bathroom with glass shower cubicle

    Credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole


  2. Keep the space clutter free – simple, modern and elegant. Mirrors are important. Not just for looking in, but to make a small space feel bigger. You could go one step further and have a mirrored wall. 

    Terracotta bathroom with round mirrors

    Credit: Lundhs

    Dark traditional bathroom with mirrored wall

    Credit: Future PLC/ Lizzie Orme

  3. To optimize your space you can create a shelf on the boxing around any plumbing that you want to hide. Tiling it all will extend the feeling of size. 

    White mordern bathroom with shelf and plants

    Credit: Future Plc/Lizzie Orme

  4. Be wise with colour and lighting. Really consider the feeling you want from your bathroom. The colours and lighting you choose will deliver what you want. For example, coral and terracotta paint and tiles create sensations of tropical sunsets. Calm and classy. Feature lighting will add luxury and opulence.

    Terracotta and coral bathroom with round mirror and round pendant ceiling light

    Credit: Burlington

  5. Don’t forget to add a bit of luxury with fixtures and fittings. Luxury goes a long way when creating, designing and giving the feeling of space. Adding value can be easy when you know how!

    Luxury small Bathroom Designs with brass fittings

    Credit: Diana Paulson

A Hidealoo toilet could be incorporated in any of these small bathroom designs with ease and give you more floor space when you need it. The minimum size of a cabinet you’d need to design around a Hidealoo is only 1125x450mm. So, it really can fit in a small space and remember, that would hold your basin too and have a worktop for storage and all your toiletries.