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Durable flexible pipes
The pipes are designed from flexible PVC pipes used in heavy industry, marine and medical applications.

Strong steel frame
The steel frame is powder coated, so it’s protected in a wet environment.

Any standard wall-hung cistern can sit on the Hidealoo frame inside a cabinet.

Wear and tear
We’ve run Hidealoo through over more than 250,000 open and close cycles with no sign of wear and tear. That’s probably over 45 years of use!

Any wall-hung pan
Any standard wall-hung pan fits the Hidealoo frame.

Maximum load
The frame can hold up to 400kg, that’s more than 4 good sized men!

Hiding Hidealoo
Hidealoo can fit in any standard kitchen or bathroom cabinet with a depth of 450mm, or you can make a bespoke cabinet to fit a certain space.

A locking mechanism locks it when open or closed and is operated by moving the cabinet door or handle (depending on model).

hidealoo closeup of mechanism for a retractable toilet frame
hidealoo mechanism for retractable toilet frame
hidealoo wordmark white