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What is a Hidealoo?
Hidealoo is a steel mechanism that supports a standard wall hung WC pan (equivalent to any ‘wall hung WC frame’). However, it uniquely swivels the pan through 90º allowing it to be hidden in a cabinet or cavity wall and pulled out when needed.

Where is Hidealoo available? 
Hidealoo is only available through our online shop, but we deliver all around the world via a variety of carriers. If your location is not listed in our online shop as a delivery location, it means we need to confirm the cost. In that case, please contact us via so that we can confirm the delivery cost and load it onto our shop for you to then place your order.

Who designed Hidealoo?
It was designed by Monty Ravenscroft, an architectural engineer and specialist in moving architecture who had a house featured on Grand Designs and Sebastian Conran, a world-renowned product designer.

How long will a Hidealoo last?
Your unit should last decades of normal use. The swivel action has been tested on a full flexing cycle 250,000 times to ensure durability.

What is the maximum load a Hidealoo can take?
We recommend a maximum normal operating load of 250kg, but the unit has been tested to 400kg.

Can Hidealoo be flushed in any position?
Yes, thanks to its strong, flexible pipework.

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