The Discretionary

A complete hidden away toilet.
Our first design, intended to transform multiple spaces in a household.

Discretionary Uint


Convert an empty room or space into a loo in a matter of hours

The revolutionary Hidealoo® design can alternatively be housed entirely in a small free standing cabinet with little on top but a lid. The top of the cabinet can be used in any manner you like as with any other such element of household furniture. The cabinet weighs in at around 30 kgs. The cabinet has been constructed with safety in mind and has been load tested up to 270 kgs (42.5 stones).
The toilet pan is fixed to a pressed steel chassis not the cabinet door.

The toilet roll only needs to be out when the pan is too!


WIDTH : 1150mm / 45″

DEPTH : 450mm / 24″

HEIGHT : 880mm / 35″

WEIGHT : “Knuckle System” @ 15kgs / 30lbs

INPUTS : Cold water supply; pipes as per requirement (8mm, 10mm, 15mm or 1/2′ BSP)

OUTPUTS : 110mm / 3″ or 4″ male waste pipe via rear, side exit, or through the floor

The Hidealoo® Discretionary Kit

The Discretionary Unit is exactly the same specification as the Stand-Alone Unit above but without the tap, basin and dual-source ‘Maxaflush Cistern®‘.

Additional Requirements:

  • Cold water supply
  • Installation by your capable DIY person

Discretionary Unit Pricing

POA – please drop us a line if you’re interested in purchasing a Hidealoo

Bespoke options available including a Macerator option (so the Hidealoo can go anywhere, high or low, in your house without the need for large size pipes or loo placement at special levels)

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Discretionary Unit fully closed

Other Hidealoo Products

Hidealoo Knuckle

The Knuckle is stress-tested to handle up to 250kg in load and is fixed to the wall and/or floor via a steel frame.

As the loo pan floats ‘invisibly’ in and out of function, there is nothing on the floor to stop easy and thorough cleaning; no low slung moving parts and no mechanics to gather grime.


Read more about the Knuckle

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A complete hidden away toilet and basin.
Our first design, intended to transform multiple spaces in a household.

hide a loo by maxymys


Our hidden designs allow you to install a complete bathroom solution using far less space than a traditional bathroom design needs.

In a wet room configuration, the Hidealoo® remains hidden during shower time and swings out from the wall into position when it is needed.